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Razor the Razorback

Swinburne's mascot is Razor the Razorback, a wild boar who is also the mascot of Swinburne University. Players are referred to as 'Razorbacks' or 'Piggies'.


The club colours are red black and white, which they share with Swinburne University.

The club jersey proudly displays Razor on the front and was recently mooted as one of the best jumpers in footy.

Swinburne's home ground is officially St James Park but is affectionately known by its nickname 'the Pig Pen' or sometimes 'the Porktress' - it's the place where pigs fly.

St James Park's grandstand is heritage listed and sits on the lower side of the ground. The upper side of the ground is a slope towards the Hawthorn War Memorial and is a picturesque place to spend an afternoon watching the best team in footy.

St Jame's Park was the first home ground of the Hawthorn Football Club

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Not a bad place to watch the footy

Club Song

  To the tune of Lily of Laguna or the Carlton Blues song, 'We are the Navy Blues.'

We are the Razorbacks

We are the Swinburne Razorbacks

We're the team that never lets you down

We're the only team old Swinburne knows

With all the champions

They like to send us

We'll keep our end up

And they will know that they've been playing

Against the famous Razorbacks!

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