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Seniors vs UHS-VU

Swinburne 14.19.103 defeated UHS-VU 9.7.61

Goal Kickers: T. Kennedy 4, D. Manning 4, D. Green 3, J. Perillo 2, M. Hodgson

Best Players: D. Noonan , M. Lingham , A. Woodhead , D. Green , D. Hassaballa , D. Manning

This weeks match was a major test for the Seniors; a win would secure us a finals berth, while a loss to UHS-VU would put them two games clear of us in 5th position, leaving us to fight it out for the 6th spot next week, as well as needing some results fall our way.

The boys came out breathing fire, showing great spirit and determination at the football while UHS-VU were caught on the back foot finding themselves second to the ball for most of the opening quarter. Inaccurate kicking from the Razorbacks meant that UHS were still in the game at the first break thanks to a late goal, as the Pigs led 2.5.17 to UHS-VU 1.0.6. A late contest in the opening quarter left the nearby crowd with hearts in their mouths, as 100-game-milestone-man Scott Ashton suffered a potentially serious knee injury directly in front of the clubrooms and deck.

The second quarter proved to be pivotal in the match, as the boys started kicking straight and the UHS-VU opted to play the man rather than the ball in an attempt to assert themselves in the contest physically. As the physicality lifted, so too did the intensity from the Razors, as the ball movement of Jackson Manning and Danny Lyons through the middle of the ground was slick and efficient, providing Thomas Kennedy and Damon Green plenty of opportunity to score. Danny Manning also managing to create some scoreboard pressure directly from the midfield, as the Razors pushed the margin out to 19 points at the main break.

The mood of the game deteriorated in the 3rd quarter, as the boys from Parkville sought to impact the contest through physicality and late cheap shots. The Razors, who traditionally haven't responded well to physicality, refused to be bullied out of the contest and demonstrated why they deserve a position in this finals kicking 4.8 for the quarter, taking the margin out to 42 points by 3-quarter time. In the process of withstanding the UHS-VU physicality, a future star was revealed in Michael Daly. Being targeted by the opposition, Michael responded as all good players do; winning his own ball, bouncing off would-be-tacklers, and rebounding the ball forward with precision. The crowd very excited at the prospect of watching him take further steps in the Razorbacks jumper in future years.

The final quarter saw no further damage done to the scoreboard by the Razors, with the lack of rotation through the bench allowing UHS-VU to prevent the margin from blowing out any further. A comprehensive four quarter effort by the Razorbacks final resulting in a 42 point win, and strong momentum heading into the final match of the home and away season on Saturday at Powerhouse.

Go Pigs!!

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