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Explaining the Final 6

In 2015 the Division 3 finals series will be based on a final six model.

To help explain how this will work, each week will be as follows:

Week 1: There will be three finals with the following matches ranked according to the ladder at the conclusion of the home and away season. The matches will be as follows: 1 v 6 2 v 5 3 v 4

Week 2: At the conclusion of week one of the finals, the three winners and the highest ranked loser will progress to the preliminary finals. The teams will be ranked in the following order: 1st Highest Ranked Winner 2nd Second Highest Ranked Winner 3rd Third Highest Ranked Winner 4th Highest Ranked Loser

Preliminary Final 1: 1st v 4th Preliminary Final 2: 2nd v 3rd Week 3: The Grand Final will be between the two winners of the Preliminary finals. The home team will be the highest ranked winner from the Preliminary Final. The new system means that only the side that finished on top will be guaranteed a double chance, thus ensuring there is true reward for the side that finished on top. A final six also means that no team holds a specific advantage of a week’s rest coming into the Grand Final.

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