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Swinburne Unveils New Logo

Swinburne Amateur Football Club is proud to unveil their new club logo.

Resident graphic design guru Ryan Fletcher designed multiple options for the logo with the final design being chosen by a poll of the Razorback Community.

The logo is an update of the popular current design featuring the face of Razor the Razorback that is stands out on the team’s guernsey.

Club President Chris Webster stated, ‘the new logo is a great way to demonstrate some of the changes taking place at the club as we move on from the past two years and look to strengthen our club going forward. Thanks to Ryan for coming up with such amazing designs.’

The logo will now be used on official documents to differentiate the SAFC from the wider Swinburne Community and make clear who is being represented across the VAFA and wider community.

But don’t worry, the popular face of Razor the Razorback is not being changed and will remain the main feature of the club jumper.

Ryan produced a special design to be featured on for the club this week which highlights World Autism Awareness Day.

Happily, world Autism Awareness Day was observed on 2 April, the date of round 1 but the club was unfortunately unable to announce the new logo until the next week. As a result the club will use its round 2 clash to highlight Autism awareness and promote understanding of autism and acceptance of people with autism.

Find out more about World Autism Awareness Day and World Autism Month here:


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