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The Razorbacks are more than just a footy club.

With official social events occurring throughout the football season, there is sure to be an event that tickles your fancy.

Dates for all events can be found on the social calendar.




Season Launch

To kick things off we hold the Annual Season Launch / Jumper Presentation. As the first formal event for the year, the team comes together for a meal and a few jugs to go through the important details for the upcoming season. Usually held by our major sponsors, The Hawthorn Hotel, this event is the perfect time for new members to mingle with those who have done it all before and really get a feel for the club.


Player Auction

A competition that runs throughout the year, the Player Auction is held at The Hawthorn Hotel, where fantasy teams are created with a mix of Senior and Reserves, and money is placed on who will be the highest ranking team come seasons end. This is an essential fundraiser for the club and a hell of a lot of fun, so get your syndicate in place, and bet large, remember its money for the club!!


Trivia Night

Want to know who is the most knowledgeable person at Swinburne, then you should probably attend our Trivia Night. Each year teams will be out in force searching for the mantle of The Smartest Pig. 

Seriously, who wins a trivia night tiebreaker in a skull off..? Just have backup question?

We digress, the trivia is a great night, and there’s always sure to be a fair share of laughs.


Family Day

Many of Swinburnes ranks were born and raised outside Melbourne before moving to the big smoke, so with this in mind, Swinburne’s Family Day is an absolute must. Bring the family down to watch the mighty Razorbacks take the field, and join us afterwards for a sit down (or stand up – numbers pending) meal.


Razorback Reverse Raffle

The Queens Birthday weekend (bless her) heralds one of the biggest days on Swinburne’s Social calendar. No football is played this weekend, so instead all head to the St James Clubrooms for the Swinburne Amateur Football Club’s Reverse Raffle! An afternoon of frivolity at best, make sure to get yourself a number in the draw for a chance to win big $$$$!


For a full list of events, check out our Facebook page.


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