Please support our 2015 sponsors. They are incredibly important to ensuring the Razorbacks get out on the field each week and we look to repay our sponsors by giving them our support!


We thank the Elgin Hotel for their ongoing support. A popular watering hole to meet with friends and work colleagues and to celebrate special occasions. Renowned throughout the years for quality food, beverage and most importantly friendly service!

Our club receives sponsorship based on our recorded spend. Every dollar you spend at the venue helps the club.

For all upcoming events, visit their page.

Dukes Gym Richmond offers all equipment you need with a dedicated women’s only area and also provides a Massage option to relax more efficiently. Come in and train at anytime you like.
Checkout their Richmond location! 
They are an America style burger joint which caters to all kind of needs with gluten free, vegan and
vegetarian options. Their beef patties are made from premium Australian wagyu meat, incredibly marbled with
succulent intramuscular fat. Australian cows graze freely on the lush and rich pasture, then finished on
the grains for at least 300days, to ensure that rich flavour.
Just show them you are a member of the Razorbacks facebook page for a $15 burger, chips and drink!


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