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Do you want to grow your business?

Create positive connections with a large group of new customers?

Be seen to create positive contributions to local community?

Support the health and wellbeing of over one hundred young people?

Then a tax-deductible sponsorship agreement with Swinburne University Amateur Football Club ('SUAFC') will help you reach your business goals and feel good for giving something back.* Sponsorship with SUAFC is a win-win with both sides mutually benefitting through our large network of members, players, staff and supporters.

SUAFC is a proud club that strives for success on and off the field for our players, members, supporters, and sponsors. SUAFC provides the local community, and particularly students and alumni of Swinburne University, a safe place to get physically active and make connections with their peers.


However, we wouldn’t be able to keep serving our team of over 100 young people without important partners like you.


Sponsorship of SUAFC promotes your cafe directly to our extensive network in the local community and beyond, building a positive association between your brand and supporting grassroots sport. Your business will be associated with a growing club that is inclusive, community-minded, loyal and will benefit by showing your support for local community sport.


We offer several sponsorship packages to suit the commitment you wish to make, all of which offer significant marketing opportunities to increase awareness and goodwill towards your business. SUAFC always strives to create a reciprocal relationship based on mutual benefit, to ensure our sponsors will see a return on investment.


Your valuable contribution will enable our club to continue in its mission of providing accessible opportunities in Australian rules football for Swinburne students and alumni and local residents who share a passion for the sport. As a non-profit and volunteer-run club, you can be confident that every dollar you spend goes directly into providing the services and equipment we need from matchday balls to medical tape and umpire’s fees.

If you're interested in a partnership with SUAFC then contact us online, via email or via our social media.

Thank you for considering a partnership with a grassroots community organisation that keeps young people happy, healthy and active. 

*SAFC cannot provide financial advice. Always speak with your accountant or tax agent before claiming a deduction.

Become a sponsor

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2024 Sponsor Packages

Sponsor packages 2024 colour.jpg

​Please note that all of our packages can be tailored on request. Be sure to ask us about opportunities for reciprocal benefits.

We also welcome fundraising gratuities such as a voucher or package which the club can auction, raffle, offer as a prize or reward at club fundraising event or function. Full acknowledgement of the gratuity of the sponsor would be promoted at the event or function.

Please note that sponsorship agreements with not-for-profits, such as SAFC, are most often tax-deductible.* 


About SUAFC and what your sponsosrhip means for us

SUAFC is a club created to provide opportunities for students of Swinburne University to play, enjoy and share the passion of the sport of AFL. We support two men's teams competing in the Victorian Amateur Football Association and have extensive plans to grow over the next five years.

SUAFC is a registered non-profit organisation so every dollar earned by the club goes straight back into making it a better place for our players and community. 

Sponsorship provides greater financial security for our club and enables us to fulfil our mission of providing opportunities in Aussie rules football to Swinburne students and alumni as well as the wider community. We are proud of our role in facilitating a healthy, social and positive outlet for the community both as a player or supporter and by providing a hub for making new friends, keeping active and providing positive social and community connections.


The stronger our financial position, the more we can provide high-quality facilities, staff and resources for our growing community. With a strong playing group complimented by a passionate committee and growing AFL connections, the club is in a fantastic position to reach new heights in 2023 and beyond.

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