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Swinburne at the League B&F

The Pigs had a great spread of votes across the League B&F. The umpires were at times very charitable, giving Dino 1 vote. Brilliant effort for a man who has yet to play 1 senior game. The umpires appear to value big thighs in deciding the best players, with Ash Woodhead and Kano dominating the club tally. The umpires could not decide who was the better Manning, with all 3 getting equal votes (if you count Dino's charitable vote). Below is a list of the votes we gained from the league. Well done to all of you!

13 - Woodhead, Ashley

10 - Fitzpatrick, Kane

6 - Kennedy, Thomas

5 - Manning, Jackson

5 - Manning, Michael

4 - Dalton, Lee S

4 - Manning, Danny

3 - Higgins, Ben

2 - Bradley, Joldy

2 - Hassaballa, Daniel

2 - Noonan, Daniel

1 - Bunge, Jye

1 - Hadzic, Dino (Meant to be Doc)

1 - Hyman, Adam M

1 - Teague, Samuel

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