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Round 9 Recap

This week the Razorbacks had a well earned break for the bye round. It is has been a good change to rest tired bodies and allow an extra week for injuries to recover. Some of our guys though, in true Razorback fashion, put their hand up to help out a fellow VAFA club.

Eley Park has struggled with fielding a reserves team all season due to COVID and other factors. When the opportunity to help field a team for Eley Park arose, the Razorback boys did what they do best and put their hands up to play. 9 Razorbacks offered to play.

Eley Park suffered a 118 point loss in their reserves game but were fortunate to be able to go ahead a play with the help of the Razorbacks. No injuries were reported.

Thank you to those who opted to play this weekend to help out a fellow VAFA club. It shows the importance of community and helping each other out during tough times. Sometimes, rivalries and wins are less important than giving a helping hand!

ps. y'all look better in red!


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